synonyms for starbucks


Schrodinger’s Starbucks


The dilemma: I’m going to a party about thirty miles away from here. The party starts around 4, and I’m thinking I want to get some writing done beforehand. Now, the question is, do I go to the Starbucks near my house, write for a bit, then leave… Possibly misjudging the time it takes to get there and losing out on valuable writing time?

Do I go to a Starbucks near the host’s home? This Starbucks is a completely unknown quantity. It might be awful; tiny and crowded with no tables or only one and it’s wobbly and weird people keep sneezing on me and the bathrooms are broken. BUT it COULD be the best Starbucks ever!!! Roomy and quiet and warm and the perfect place to write and write and write… And I could keep writing until five minutes before I need to be at the party.

I’m frozen with indecision.


3 thoughts on “Schrodinger’s Starbucks

  1. I love your vivacity and honesty in writing. It is very refreshing: you always deal with the important issues in life. šŸ™‚
    I say, always leave room for error.

  2. I say, always try something new! Serendipity is more likely to happen when you change your routine.

  3. Went to the new one, and it was pretty good… Except the manager told me I couldn’t get a refill because I didn’t have my receipt (I paid with my phone and never take a receipt) and then finally said he’d allow it this once as if he was doing me a huge favor and letting me get away with something (I hadn’t left the store).

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