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Pretty Much a Perfect Day


Haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t been to a coffee shop in a while; I just finished two rough drafts (a screenplay and a novella) and needed to let them rest for a bit, so I’ve been working on other stuff this past week; opened my Etsy shop and did a lot of business-of-writing junk. Excel spreadsheets and whatnot.

But today, I went to TWO coffee shops. In the first, a really lovely little independent place called Moby’s in North Hollywood, I played cards for a few hours with one of my best friends.
Then afterwards I went to the Starbucks near my house and spent a couple hours editing my screenplay. It was awesome. I’m probably going to be up all night, but still, it was awesome.
Also, at one point I wrote in the margins of my screenplay, “make this banterier.” It not being a real word doesn’t keep it from being a FANTASTIC word. All our conversations should be banterier.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Much a Perfect Day

  1. Congrats on finishing! What a relief.
    Cool what is your Etsy shop? I think that I am addicted to Etsy. o.0
    Yay for creating new words! Shakespeare did it, so why not you?

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