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Starbucks Today

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Five Things That Happened to Me at Starbucks Today:

  1. Barrista guy handed me my second refill and said “any more of this, and I’m sending you to Coffee Anonymous.” It was, I repeat, only my second refill. Of decaf.
  2. I somehow managed to spill coffee all over myself, the condiments table, and the floor (but not, thank goodness, anyone else). Everyone in the place was very nice about it.
  3. Guy at the table next to me scratched literally dozens of lottery tickets. To my deep disappointment, he did not at any point leap up from the table, arms above his head, shouting in triumph.
  4. I relearned, for the thousandth time, that when you work on a project you don’t need to know the next six steps you must take. Just take that first step, no matter how small, and the next step will reveal itself. I’ve been finding other things to do all week because I was certain that once I’d done the one next bit I could think of, I’d be stuck. Now, I know all kinds of things I need to do next. The real thing I need to learn is to trust the process.
  5. I asked the barrista to break a five, and he said he couldn’t. I explained I’d been there for ages and wanted to tip them, and he said, “It’s okay! You tipped us with your mind!”


Then I realized I hadn’t eaten in ten hours and went home.

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