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Specific Reviews of Specific Places in Which I’ve Written: Starbucks, Alameda & San Fernando, Burbank

I’ve only recently started coming here to write; there are four Starbucks closer to my house and the place is TINY. Just seven tables. But, I don’t know, I really like it. It’s cozy and everyone seems sort of relaxed and happy. Besides, it seems to do mostly to-go business, so while it’s always kind of bustling I’ve never had any trouble getting a table (the one closest to me has 20+ tables and about half the time I go there every chair is full). There’s a little patio outside that has another four tables, but as we’re in a strip mall the only thing to look at is a parking lot. My only real complaint about this Starbucks is that it’s a very long, narrow store, and the condiment bar is at the opposite end from the pick-up counter, with the ordering counter in between, and the only napkin dispenser is at the condiment bar. I don’t understand how these things happen.

Four-and-a-half Splashes of Soy Milk (out of five splashes)

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Specific Reviews of Specific Places in Which I’ve Written: Starbucks, Walnut & San Fernando, Burbank

Starbucks, Walnut & San Fernando
This is one of the places I most often write.

  • It’s huge–20 or so tables, plus six easy chairs. Also a patio with another few tables (but nothing nice to look at to make sitting outside particularly desirable).
  • The people are friendly; I usually camp out there for four or five hours and they’re perfectly nice about it
  • There are some food places nearby if I want to break for lunch, including a Zankou Chicken and a great salad place called The Chop Shop
  • The parking is both plentiful and free
  • Two bathrooms, neither with locks (I hate having to get/remember the code lock)


  • Sometimes the music is played so loud I have to turn the iPod volume up way high.
  • Parking lot can be a huge pain to drive through because of the drive-thru line.
  • Since a lot of the tables are in the middle of the room, there aren’t always outlets… not a big issue for me but the biggest issue for some.
  • Fairly often it’s so crowded I can’t get a table. That’s the big one.

Three Splashes of Soy Milk (out of five splashes)