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I don’t know why it is that I write so much better in public than at home. I have a very nice little home office, with a desk and a computer and a nearby kitchen in which I can make coffee.
But somehow, going out to a public place–most often a Starbucks, since I have gift cards and their gold card means I get free refills–makes my writing flow a thousand times better than it does at home. I love having people around me. Even though I put on headphones so I can’t hear them, and wear a baseball cap so if they jiggle their legs I can pull the visor low and block them out, I like having them there. Even though a lot of the time I hate them.
I left my job at a newspaper last summer, and since then I’ve been spending a huge amount of time in coffee shops, writing. Also working various part-time jobs to make ends meet–a wonderful one at the library and some not-so-wonderful ones other places. But writing is my real work.
I used to be horrible at self-discipline, and I’m still not great at getting started, but I have become very, very good at getting writing done once I get going. In the last six months I’ve written and edited eight short stories, written and edited (and self-published) a novella, wrote the rough draft of a full-length novel, completed three rounds of edits on a screenplay, and written the rough draft of another screenplay. Nothing makes me as happy as writing does.
Oh, and this isn’t going to be a blog about the deliciousness of coffee or the wonders of caffeine. Coffee has to be horrible before I notice it’s not the best coffee ever, and I drink decaf (doctor’s orders). Sorry.