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The Best Book on Writing I’ve Ever Read: The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen

The thing about The Productive Writer: Tips and Tools to Help You Write More, Stress Less, and Create Success by Sage Cohen is that it’s not so much about how to write, or at least not about how to improve your craft.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how well you write if you never write. We all know those people, or are those people, or have been those people, who want to be writers but never really finish anything. I once spent roughly five years with a short story I was going to turn into a novel. I did lots of other things during that five years, of course. Creative, productive things. But I sure didn’t write. Or, I often wrote—I’d do those delightful writing exercises like “What if rain were sticky, and you were a duck?” that possibly helped me to be a better writer, but I never actually completed anything. Ever.

The Productive Writer is about finding the time to write, how to get yourself to sit down and start typing, how to figure out the small steps that lead to big goals, how to make little bad ideas become big good ones, and how to organize your writing career. It drastically changed my writing habits and how I thought about writing. It made me realize I had more time to write than I’d known, helped me figure out which habits worked for me (even if they never would for others) and showed me how to redesign my goals and plans in ways that made sense. It also made extremely clear the ways I was stopping myself from moving forward. I’d already been concentrating for quite some time on changing from being someone who wanted to be a writer to being someone who wrote… This book supercharged that process for me.

five splashes of soy milk (out of five splashes)

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42 Things I Have Done Since Arriving at this Starbucks OTHER Than Writing the Thing I’m Supposed to be Writing:

1. Found a table; 2. Found a chair for the table; someone had taken both the chairs; 3. Ordered my coffee; 4. Used the ladies’; 5. Explained to the barista that that couldn’t possibly be my decaf grande pour-over, as I brought my own cup; 6. Repeated myself a couple times; 7. Got correct coffee rather than the FULL-CAFFEINE stuff she’d been trying to give me; 8. Posted on FaceBook about caffeine near-fiasco; 9. Set up iPad’s wireless keyboard (it’s a whole thing; the power button is stuck so I have to unscrew it and put in batteries every time); 10. Checked FB; 11. Checked Blog stats; 12. Thought of blog post; 13. Tried to write blog post on ‘new post’ page in Safari, discovered it’s wonky on my iPad; 14. Downloaded WordPress app for my iPad; 15. Got impatient with download speed; 16. Typed blog post in Notes; 17. Pasted blog post in ‘new post’ section in Safari; 18. Tried again; 19. Tried again; 20. Successfully posted blog post; 21. Posted on FB about blog; 22. Tried to fix weird formatting issue; 23. Gave up; 24. Tried again; 25. Gave up; 26. Checked FB; 27. Got refill; 28. Used ladies’; 29. Entirely ignored own philosophy of table-sharing as incredibly skeevy-looking guy walked by with his laptop; 30. Put on a sweater; 31. Felt guilty about skeevy-looking guy; 32. Realized skeevy-looking guy had sat down in a random table-less chair right behind me and was doing something involving the loud opening of  plastic containers plus  lip-smacking so enthusiastically that I could hear it through my headphones; 33.  Opened the finally-downloaded wordpress app only to get some sort of error message; 34. Checked FaceBook; 35. Commented on FaceBook; 36. Noticed I’d missed a call from Dad; 37. Listened to voicemail from Dad and decided it was too late to call Dad back; 38. Pointed out to skeevy-looking guy (in a friendly way) that a table had opened up only to learn that he’s perfectly happy sitting six inches behind me at a chair without a table; 39. Tried to subtly move table, chair, and self away from skeevy-looking guy; 40. Checked FaceBook; 41. Commented on FaceBook; 42. Thought of and wrote this list. Another thing I’m about to do: 1.  Post this.
This is truly unlike me. I’m usually really good about getting a lot of writing done when it’s time to do so. Fortunately, I’m stuck here–I walked and now it’s dark out and raining, and I can’t leave until my husband picks me up; four hours from now at the earliest. I do that on purpose, to make myself write. It works, almost all the time. It could still work. It’s not too late.

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Some is better than none

A thing I need to remember: Even if I meant to go to Starbucks at noon and get six hours of writing done, and now it’s 4:00 and I’m only going to have time to get two hours of writing in before I have to leave… Two hours of writing is better than zero hours of writing. The temptation to give up and start over tomorrow is to be avoided at all costs.