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42 Things I Have Done Since Arriving at this Starbucks OTHER Than Writing the Thing I’m Supposed to be Writing:

1. Found a table; 2. Found a chair for the table; someone had taken both the chairs; 3. Ordered my coffee; 4. Used the ladies’; 5. Explained to the barista that that couldn’t possibly be my decaf grande pour-over, as I brought my own cup; 6. Repeated myself a couple times; 7. Got correct coffee rather than the FULL-CAFFEINE stuff she’d been trying to give me; 8. Posted on FaceBook about caffeine near-fiasco; 9. Set up iPad’s wireless keyboard (it’s a whole thing; the power button is stuck so I have to unscrew it and put in batteries every time); 10. Checked FB; 11. Checked Blog stats; 12. Thought of blog post; 13. Tried to write blog post on ‘new post’ page in Safari, discovered it’s wonky on my iPad; 14. Downloaded WordPress app for my iPad; 15. Got impatient with download speed; 16. Typed blog post in Notes; 17. Pasted blog post in ‘new post’ section in Safari; 18. Tried again; 19. Tried again; 20. Successfully posted blog post; 21. Posted on FB about blog; 22. Tried to fix weird formatting issue; 23. Gave up; 24. Tried again; 25. Gave up; 26. Checked FB; 27. Got refill; 28. Used ladies’; 29. Entirely ignored own philosophy of table-sharing as incredibly skeevy-looking guy walked by with his laptop; 30. Put on a sweater; 31. Felt guilty about skeevy-looking guy; 32. Realized skeevy-looking guy had sat down in a random table-less chair right behind me and was doing something involving the loud opening of  plastic containers plus  lip-smacking so enthusiastically that I could hear it through my headphones; 33.  Opened the finally-downloaded wordpress app only to get some sort of error message; 34. Checked FaceBook; 35. Commented on FaceBook; 36. Noticed I’d missed a call from Dad; 37. Listened to voicemail from Dad and decided it was too late to call Dad back; 38. Pointed out to skeevy-looking guy (in a friendly way) that a table had opened up only to learn that he’s perfectly happy sitting six inches behind me at a chair without a table; 39. Tried to subtly move table, chair, and self away from skeevy-looking guy; 40. Checked FaceBook; 41. Commented on FaceBook; 42. Thought of and wrote this list. Another thing I’m about to do: 1.  Post this.
This is truly unlike me. I’m usually really good about getting a lot of writing done when it’s time to do so. Fortunately, I’m stuck here–I walked and now it’s dark out and raining, and I can’t leave until my husband picks me up; four hours from now at the earliest. I do that on purpose, to make myself write. It works, almost all the time. It could still work. It’s not too late.