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The Grocery Store Starbucks, and Our Shared Civic Duty


I live in a place with lots of traffic, so I never really know how long it’s going to take me to get anywhere. Especially since I’ve moved from Hollywood to the Valley–going over the hill could take twenty minutes, or it could take an hour. I hate being late so I always leave early, and this means I’m often in a strange neighborhood forty minutes before I need to be there.
Luckily, with google maps on my home computer, not to mention the GPS search function on my phone, I can always find a Starbucks to hole up in and write. I usually include it when I get directions somewhere–I do a quick search to find what Starbucks are nearby (obviously, there are other coffee places, and I look at those too. But as I’ve said before, I usually have a gift card for Starbucks, and I’m on a serious budget these days). Sometimes I’ll leave even earlier than I need to–just figure I’ll get an hour of writing in before the appointment.
Another thing I’ll do, if my husband and I miss each other because he’s in rehearsals for a play; I’ll do a search for a Starbucks near his rehearsal space, drive him there, go to Starbucks and write, and pick him up after. Quality time in the car together, and I get to be productive.
Most of the time, this works out delightfully. I find a new Starbucks (or, often, one I’ve been to before but forgotten) and have a lovely time getting lots done.
But now and then, it’s not so great. Of course sometimes it’s too crowded, but I can almost always find a place to squeeze in at a counter or on the patio.
But the worst, the VERY WORST, is the dreaded GROCERY STORE STARBUCKS.
The fact that these are listed the same as a regular Starbucks on google maps is a TRAVESTY.  I don’t understand how it happens, and it has caused me grief innumerable times (I know you’re thinking I should just see if there’s a grocery store at the same address, but at least around here grocery stores and coffee shops share the same strip mall all the time). Not just Starbucks; Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has burned me this way too.
There is, however something we can do. We have power, and we can take care of one another: We can leave reviews that mention the Starbucks is inside a grocery store. If you know of a Starbucks that is inside another store, take a moment. Mention it in a google review (also: Yelp!). Put the fact that it’s in a grocery store in all caps at the top of the review. If this becomes a thing, you might be protected from this horror.
At the very least, you might not end up at the SAME GROCERY STORE MORE THAN ONCE, as has possibly happened to someone I know.